Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning

One of the main concerns for senior citizens is what they will do if they are unable to live independently. Where will I live? What are my options? How much will it cost? Will I have enough money to pay for my long-term care and living arrangements? These questions are becoming more common as health care costs continue to rise and as people live longer.

We assist seniors and their families in reviewing the options for their long-term care in the event they are unable to live independently. This may involve planning for home care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities. In addition, we help them determine how best to pay for their long term care given their income, assets, goals and desires for their estates upon their deaths.

This may include long-term care insurance and often involves an evaluation of what public benefits are available such as Medicare, Medicaid and veterans benefits. Whether seniors are planning for a future need or an immediate need for long term care, we assist them in reviewing their alternatives. We also provide assistance in completing applications for public benefits such as Medicaid.

 Long Term Care Planning Questionnaire